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TTMA supports Esport

 G. Academy aims to become the 1st independent esport training center in Europe 

The G. Academy facilitates the practice of esport for all with: 

  • An esport study to train professional esports athletes 
  • A leisure esport offer 

 Esport free study for 10 young esports athletes 

The objective of the G. Academy training center is to develop the future nuggets of esport around 3 pillars: esports performance / performance outside the game / right to failure. For two years, the 10 young sportsmen (from 16 years old) follow a demanding and high-level course, like the sports training centers. G. Academy is available on League of Legends and Fortnite games. 

Since 2018, the teaching and esports management teams of the G. Academy have put in place a performance pedagogy adapted to esport and recognized by experts in the sector. With free access to its course, the G. Academy aims to attract the best young French-speaking sportsmen. 

 Supported by esports leaders 

G. Academy has gathered around it many benchmark esport players: MCES (1st French team on Fortnite) / FC Nantes (1st football club to have launched into esport) / TEAM BDS (1st Swiss esport team ) / Prodigy Agency (leading player agency on Counter Strike) / ARC (leading player agency on League of Legends) / TTMA (historical agency for professional footballers) / Team aAa (leading media around esport). Discussions are underway with other major teams. 

Samy "Samissh" Mazouzi, head manager of Team Vitality (leading French esport team) is the sponsor of the 2020 - 2021 promotion. 

The 10 young athletes will be surrounded by recognized mentors and will benefit from their experience: Julien "Wydz" Millet (Team MCES), Romain "Imuhan" Serra (Team MCES), Adrien "Aquino" Viaud (FC Nantes), Alexandre "Alejandro" Lopez (Team BDS), Victor “TheVic” Lopez (ARC), Olivier “Prime” Payet (ARC), and Arthur “Brosak” Lesueur (We are esport). 

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